Perryton, TX

Thursday Night Scramble Rules Page

Time: 6:00 p.m. – Sign-up Deadline: 5:45 p.m.

Players attempting to sign up after 5:45 
may be put on a waiting list and may only be allowed to play
if their entry will help make the teams even.

Enter in person or call the pro shop at 435-5381

Entry: $10 per person

 Format: 4 (or 5) person 9-hole scramble (blind draw)
Winners take ALL!

Captains will be chosen based on their playing ability and will do a blind draw from
the remaining pool of players to form a team. Each player will either be a captain or
a pool player. This will represent a true blind draw format.

If there is a tie for 1st place, the teams tied will have a closest-to-the-pin shootout on hole #9 from approximately 100 yards away.

Each player on each team in the shootout will hit 1 shot and the team with the shot closest to the pin will be declared the winner.

 Additional Notes!

-Number of players per team may be affected by the number of entries.

-Par is your Friend (if you miss your birdie attempt, pick your ball up and take par)

Prize money will be paid out in Gift Certificate to the Perryton Golf Club Pro Shop. Under the USGA's "Rules of Amateur Status" 3-1, an amateur golfer must not play golf for prize money or its equivalent in a match, competition or exhibition.

Prize limits 3-2: An amateur golfer must not accept a prize (other than a symbolic prize) or prize voucherof retail value in excess of $750 or the equivalent, or such a lesser figure as may be decided by the USGA. This limit applies to the total prizes or prize vouchers received by an amateur golfer in any one competition or series of competitions.